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James Diamond

Close Up Comedy Magician and Entertainer.
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Barry McGuire

Barry McGuire
Barry McGuire is a Balladong Nyungar Man who is a strong advocate for his culture and people.

He has worked in education, health, natural resource management and Arts and Culture for the past twenty five years. Barry is a nationally recognised visual and performing artist. Barry specialises in Cultural Education and gives many a better understanding of the Aboriginal and Nyungar way of life and living.

He currently operates his own company called Redspear Safety Pty Ltd, which is specifically designed to meet the demands of the oil and gas, mining and construction sectors for highly specialised fall protection, materials handling and marine equipment. Redspear Safety aims to provide for all safety requirements under one roof with our core values of Excellence, Integrity and Innovation means we always strive to deliver great value to our clients in all sectors and locations.