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Melting Beats

Melting Beats
Melting beats is a new, vibrant and innovative live band based in Perth.

Ideated by guitarist and percussionist Valerio Fiorini and vocalist Mary Emme. This band can perform in a duo/ trio setting for intimate events but can also be joined by a full rhythm section extending up to a 10-piece band. This ensemble draws inspiration from the jazz, soul and funk giants of the past, as well as modern sensational bands like Postmodern Jukebox and Tape Five to name a few.

Melting Beatsí repertoire consists of innovative arrangements of Top 40 hits, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latin and Modern tunes. Jazzy and quirky arrangements of many of the most popular songs of this century, including but not limited to Latin and Electro Swing elements.

The orchestration of this band is vocals, guitar, saxophone, drums and double bass, although sometimes, depending on the occasion, Melting Beats will expand to a larger ensemble, including piano, trumpet, percussions and more.

Melting Beats aims to bring something fresh and unique to the Perth's live music scene. Making versatility one of their major strengths, this team of talented musicians are capable to deliver a high-energetic and exciting performance, as well as a soulful and atmospheric one.