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Regina Slay

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Aaron Donnelly or more better known as Queen Regina Slay is a young, local, multifaceted entertainer. Regina has hosted and performed in shows all around the globe as a professional Drag Queen, Mariah Carey impersonator, and Emcee.

Regina Slay is Australia’s only internationally recognized Fire Queen, incorporating elements of circus performing into her drag acts for an extra WOW factor! For the past 5 years Regina has worked in drag, finding her niche as a circus queen in Vancouver, Canada  delivering firebreathing, Firestaff, Dragonstaff and LED baton performances both in and out of drag to make every show and event unique and memorable. 

With mind blowing looks and costumes that combine the best of drag glamour with showgirl sparkle, you wont be able to take your eyes off of Regina Slay. All performances are safe for indoor and outdoor events, including shows with fire elements. See below some of the mesmerizing shows available! 

With dazzling fireproof outfits and highly skilled props, Regina incorporates her circus skills into a drag extravaganza with classic showgirl costume changes and fire twirling. Regina is professionally trained in Fire Baton Twirling, Dragonstaff Spinning and firebreathing, all while entertaining the crowd in full drag! Safe indoor options available with special FX smokeless props used on the sets of film. 

Join Regina as she transports you to a different world with stunning, high quality LED circus props and incredible visuals. By combining UV glowing costumes, LED technology and high skill spinning techniques, you will be left inspired by all the different colours and patterns. Perfect for indoor venues. 
Corporate Logos, special messages and custom images can be programmed into the LED circus props within the show upon request! 

Regina Slay has been hired internationally as a Mariah Carey impersonator. See Mariah come to life as Regina hosts and Emcee’s functions, events and party’s while remaining in character on the microphone and pays tribute to Mariah with a number of lip sync acts! Very popular during the festive Christmas season! 

Aaron has worked in circus around the world as a fire performer with incredible fire breathing shows, fire twirling and Dragonstaff spinning. By combining flexibility with fast paced spinning techniques, bringing any outdoor event to life.

Regina Slay
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Regina Slay
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