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Ali has worked in the hospitality and entertainment industry for over 35 years, having spent most of that time working closely with Bob Maher, Founder & Director of Boss Entertainment. Her roles include personal assistant, public relations and promotion. With an early background as a professional dancer, Ali knows what it takes to put on a good show! Her dancing took her to performing around Japan & on cruise liners, so this makes Ali’s passion & experience an asset in the entertainment world.In late 2019, BBC merged with Boss and Ali has been part an integral of the BBC Entertainment team ever since.


Cally has been working at BBC since 2016 and the past 8 years she has been overseeing the office in every role; admin, sales/bookings & accounts. She loves all parts of the business and being challenged in new ways. Prior to BBC, Cally spent her time working, travelling & living abroad. She draws on her unique experiences to think of innovative ways to bring an event to life with entertainment. With her professionalism and efficiency, she is held in high regard with our clients & acts alike.


BBC has been Beth's only career since starting as the Junior back in 1976. With a passion for the business and event perfection, she was soon promoted to the position of Manager in 1980. By 1986 she was Junior Director. Three years later she bought the company and successfully ran it for 30 years. During that time she’s enjoyed the ever changing world of entertainment and events. What Beth doesn't know about the entertainment business, isn't worth knowing!Beth ensures that all her colleagues share this knowledge and have a passion for the business of entertainment.

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