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Based in Western Australia, Bizircus performs all over the world, specialising in combining highly-skilled circus acts with hilarious comedy.

For over a decade Bizircus has thrilled audiences with hilarious character comedy and explosive acrobatic stunts.

Drawing influence from Chinese circus, European street theatre, modern dance, and slapstick traditions worldwide, the troupe has been trained by acrobats and clowns from France, Russia, China, Brazil, Kenya, and the UK.

Combining these diverse traditions with their own unique Australian style, Bizircus blends physical skill and comedy, into performances which hurdle language and cultural barriers.

Bizircus Trio Stage Show
Expect spectacular acrobatic action from these 3 quirky characters including juggling, handstands, lasso, tower of chairs, hilarious physical comedy and even a touch of magic! Can be separated into three segments to suit cabaret or dinner style events. A version of the show without dialogue is available for non-English speaking audiences. For large, outdoor events, a crowd­-gathering segment can be added at the beginning of the show.

Pick-up & Play Workshops
Suits festival environments as participants are welcome to try whatever they like for as long (or short) as they like. Participants are guided and encouraged by the workshop trainer(s). The emphasis is on fun and inclusion and parents are encouraged to get involved. Skills in the workshops can include juggling (scarf, ball and club), hula hoops, lasso, diablo, flower stick, poi, unicycle, mini bike, spinning plates, hat tricks and more.

Fire Performers - Meet & Greet
Fire jugglers perform at the entrance to your event for the arrival of your guests, creating an immediate wow factor with a dramatic and unexpected entry statement.

Fire Spectacular Show
6 spectacular minutes of heart-stopping fire tricks - juggling, eating, spinning, Ella’s amazing flaming hoop and more - to pumping dance music. Suitable anywhere with darkness. Larger scale shows also available, with more performers, combining more impressive and spectacular tricks and fire effects. Pyrotechnics an optional extra. With safety protocols well beyond industry standards, leading to a 100% safety record over a decade, unleash the primal power of fire on your guests with full confidence.

Stilt walkers are available for meet & greet and roving - a great variety of costumes available, including..

Mr Sharp & Mr Red -
Dressed in a sharp suits and brandishing even sharper wits, Mr Sharp & Mr Red will make a stylish, charming and hilarious additions to your next event. These high energy, interactive roving characters are guaranteed and to raise a smile on adults and children alike with outrageous physical comedy, dancing and amazing juggling tricks.

Silent Partner -Three stylish and graceful couples dance up a storm, interacting with each other, the audience and their environment. Towering above the crowd these Latin lovers and their beautiful puppet partners tango, waltz, and salsa in and out of passionate love triangles. Silent Partner incorporates intricate stilt dancing and puppetry to create a show which is visually spectacular, charming and funny. Suitable for festivals and corporate events and can be performed as 30 minute interactive roving performances and/or an 10 minute cabaret piece. Costuming can be adjusted to suit themes such as Carnivale, Latin, Masquerade and Venetian. An accompanying mobile sound system allows Silent Partner to promenade, spin, and strut all over the grounds of an event. 

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