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Steven Bradbury

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Olympic Champion, Champion Speaker and genuine onstage Motivator and Entertainer is a unique skill set. Transitioning from being an expert speed skater to an expert motivational speaker, MC and after dinner entertainer has been an interesting ride over the last 10 years. Steven Bradbury has presented at over 800 conferences and events in 15 countries and still loves it. He loves the adrenaline before going onstage and loves that his strategies for success in business and in life are able to inspire and help people.

Session Highlights:
-A fully interactive show including motivation, videos, music, comedy and audience participation.
-You will actually hold, and have your photo taken wearing Steve’s Olympic Gold Medal.
-How he broke his neck, lost 4 litres of blood on the ice and trained 5hrs a day, 6 days a week for 12 years to become an overnight success.

-The saying ‘Doing A Bradbury’ was officially included in the Macquarie Dictionary in 2014. Learn how to put yourself in position to be the next to ‘Do A Bradbury’.
-Business success and strategy learned through his own custom speed skate and cycling shoe company. RBC exported to 22 countries and won a swag of Olympic Medals before the company was sold in 2012. RBC tailored a solution to a target market.
-Sustaining a culture of success and positive mindset.
-Teamwork: Today’s world is competitive. To win in business or sport you need the right support team. A team is only as strong as its weakest link.
-Leadership: A successful leader, leads by example not just by telling others what to do.
-Setting goals and having a plan written down is not optional.
-Steven has been dubbed the ‘Luckiest’ Olympic Gold Medallist. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Steven can tailor his presentation to suit client themes, objectives and timeframes and will work with you prior to your event to get the best result possible. Even though Steven is a household name he comes with zero celebrity baggage.

As well as being entertained and inspired you will leave with the knowledge the much of the prize is in the journey and success takes Passion, Persistence and Teamwork.

Steven Bradbury
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Steven Bradbury
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