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Zap Circus

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Zap Circus is Western Australia's only Internationally and Nationally award-winning Fire, SPFX and Circus Performance company.

Delivering polished, professional and safe shows to make every event unique and memorable. All performances are safe for indoor and outdoor events, including their fire performances.  

See below some the incredible shows that are available!

CIRCUS FIRE Spectacular!
Festival Fire & SPFX Show
An internationally awarded, high energy flame and SPFX show with two performers, involving small fire and BIG fire, acrobatics, duo adagio and plenty of laughs! Culminating in an unbelievable spectacular of Fire, Acrobatics and Wit!

The Purple People Show
Festival Circus Show
A hilarious, highly awarded, high energy, male and female duo performing acrobatic stunts and dangerous feats of grandeur; all wrapped in bright and zany costumes!

Duo Adagio
Stunning adagio acrobatics and classical lifts set to an emotionally evocative sound-track, with an uplifting finale displaying amazing strength, athleticism and romance.

Corporate Fire & SPFX Stage Shows
Internationally award-winning shows, performed in over 25 countries around the world.
​Safe for indoor performances, this unforgettable show that will ensure your event is forever remembered!

Circus Freak Show
Roll up! Roll up! Join the Circus Freak Show as they push the boundaries of human endurance!
See the contortionist fit into an impossibly small box, see the Fire-Eaters consume red-hot flames! See Machetes juggled through a blindfold, and be amazed by The Bed of Jagged Nails!

Be truly mesmerised as this hot couple controls the uncontrollable - FIRE!
With unique and cheeky tricks, this talented duo will have you on the edge of your seat as they create and extinguish flames using only their arms, legs and mouths.
This un-missable, high skilled and polished fire eating show will have the whole crowd gasping!

Montserrat Hula Hoop Act
Set to a classic and up-tempo beat, amazingly dexterous, and wickedly flexible - spinning hula hoops around the body in every way imaginable. This show climaxes in a visually stunning feat of 100 hula hoops spun simultaneously, as confetti flutters down over the audience.

Roaming & Walk-about Performers
Fire Performers, Jugglers, Hula-Hoopers and Acrobats amaze and dazzle your guests with intimate flames and deadly stunts as they work their way through the crowded room or festival, or greet your important guests on entry.
Roving and Entrance Greeting performers make fantastic close up photos and are a fantastic addition to every large event!

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