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Ros Worthington

~ Bio

By turning pain into action, putting the needs of others first and never accepting reverses or defeat, she has been the driving force behind many well-known charities including Make-A-Wish Foundation in WA, Breast Cancer Care WA (formerly the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA), Lifeline, the Love Angels Foundation, which teaches children the lifelong values of love, compassion and philanthropy and raises funds to feed and educate orphans and widows in emerging nations around the world.

Ros was also instrumental in establishing The Cancer Wellness Centre in Wanslea House Cottesloe, which is today a major resource centre serving the needs of people suffering from cancer.

After such a selfless life, dedicated to giving to others, it is little wonder that Ros has received the recognition she so richly deserves through a number of accolades and awards that include:

• Order of Australia Medal (1998)
• Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year for the Western Region (2006)
• United Way’s Philanthropist of the Year (2010)
• Murdoch University Honorary Doctorate in 2011
• Induction into ‘The Inaugural Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame:
Dr Worthington was selected as one of the State’s 100 most courageous and inspiring women who were inducted into the prestigious Inaugural Western Australian Women’s ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2011. This Induction was held on the eve of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day and the annual awards continue coincide with this significant international event.
• Featured in The West Australian newspaper as one of WA’s 100 Most Influential People (2012)
• 2015 Western Australian of the Year for Community Services

Keynote speaker.

Ros entertains audiences with her real-life experiences, inspiring them to be better versions of themselves as she reveals the tools to move forward in life through the power of giving.

Audiences will learn about empathy as the true heart of philanthropy and how to turn pain and grief into personal growth through compassion. Her warmth and down-to-earth approach is appreciated by audiences across Australia.

There will be laughs and tears as Ros shares her true-life stories of life in the bush as a foster child, a stint across the ditch in New Zealand, examples of paying it forward, and her journey to establishing and supporting several charities, all while raising a family and copping many life-altering highs and lows along the way.

Nurturing Workshops

For up to 12 people for any workplace or organisation. With love and wisdom, and her own brand of warmth and humour, Ros will guide participants through the tools of resilience, how to be present in life, harnessing the expertise of those around you, and walking the path to good mental health and wellness.

Using her vast experience, Ros can tailor her workshops to suit a specific need. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • How your organisation can give back in a meaningful way
  • Mental health risks in FIFO work
  • Personal growth through philanthropy and paying it forward
  • Parenting using the Love Angel concepts of kindness and empathy
  • How not to run a business (a tongue in cheek look at the business world)
  • Running a fundraising event

While Ros conducts these workshops based on her lived experience, she can also partner with experts in a given field, such as suicide prevention and awareness, if required.

Ros Worthington
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Ros Worthington
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